About Us


Free Vacuums. Powerful Dryers. 3 Minutes.

One Great Wash!


You want to be in, out, and done, and that’s exactly how we run our wash.

At Zippy’s, we know your time matters. From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, you’re constantly on the move. You don’t have time to spend in line, waiting to pay and eventually roll through a car wash so you can get on with the rest of your 50-items-long to-do list.

We use the best-performing tech and top-of-the-line biodegradable cleansers to get our customer's car look spotless. Drive through our wash and you’ll immediately realize why we named our company Zippy’s. See the difference for yourself today.





3 minute washes. Our goal is to get your vehicle from dirty to spotless in the most efficient way possible. From using the most technologically advanced express tunnel on the market to our powerful dryers, we’ll get you ready for the road in no time.


We use soft foam and soft touch technology to ensure that no smudge, streak or spot gets left behind. Our brushes are designed to not hold on to any dirt or coarse materials, so every car that drives through is meticulously handled.


The Zippy’s team is all about delivering a speedy shine with a smile. This doesn’t just refer to our fast and friendly customer service. We help fundraise and give back to our communities. We use biodegradable cleaners to give back to our planet. Zippy’s knows what it means to pay it forward.